Dell Global Agreement Signed

Prophecy subsidiary, Intersect Alliance International Pty Ltd has completed a Global Third Party Supplier Agreement with Dell Inc and SecureWorks. This agreement enables Dell, through its subsidiaries, to purchase SNARE Enterprise software solutions and resell such software to Dell customers on a worldwide basis.

Dell SecureWorks listens to clients and delivers innovative technology and services that give them the power to do more. Recognised as an industry leader by top analysts including Gartner, Dell SecureWorks provides world-class information security services to help organisations of all sizes protect their IT assets, comply with regulations and reduce security costs.

Dell SecureWorks has in excess of 4000 worldwide clients.

Over the years, many of the Dell customers have taken on part of the SNARE solution across industry areas such as finance, retail, healthcare, hospitality, security and countless others. Most Dell SecureWorks clients utilise part of the SNARE solution and there is a long history of our technologies working side by side to provide an end to end secure solution. The target now is to transition both existing and future clients to the SNARE Enterprise solution as part of the total Dell SecureWorks implementation with the full sales process available to the Dell salesforce. The SNARE Enterprise solution offers a very much enhanced environment compared to the previous versions offered and helps to provide Dell with the tools to maintain its number one market position.

The rollout for this new solution is set for May 2015, so that Dell clients can gain the benefits of this new combined approach as early as possible.

Prophecy has been in discussion with a number of the major players in the area of SIEM solutions and has a policy of working towards combined solutions that benefit end users with far better overall solutions to match the potential security threats that exist today.   SNARE Enterprise has the ability to work extremely well with all major products in the market and we will continue to promote the benefits of this approach.

This new Global Agreement has the potential to significantly expand the market penetration of SNARE Enterprise software solutions and assist in the task of maintaining the growth in new sales as experienced so far during the course of this financial year. Our direct sales activity has provided a much accelerated growth in recent sales numbers, but our sales plan always involved the development of strategic partnerships along the lines of this Dell Global Agreement to assist in the process of continued growth utilising all the strengths that our SNARE Enterprise product set provides for clients worldwide.

We are very pleased to be a formal part of the world leading solution set now available to Dell SecureWorks.