Snare is a comprehensive set of event monitoring and analysis tools designed to address critical auditing and security requirements. It effectively gathers and filters IT-event data for critical security monitoring, analysis, auditing and archiving.

With Snare Enterprise product suite, you can:


Protect Your System

Protect your systems from attacks, whether these be of a malicious, fraudulent or vandalistic nature


Meet Requirements

Meet your organisation’s own audit requirements for data protection


Achieve Compliance

Comply with the external demands of others such as stakeholders, shareholders, supervising government entities, customers or suppliers


Adhere to Standards

Adhere to all security standards

Snare consists of two individually licensed components.

Snare Server

These are the centrally installed Snare Server and individual device-based Snare Agents. The Snare Server’s role is to give your system administrator all the tools needed to define, gather, index, track, report on and store all relevant IT network security events input from Snare and open source agents.

Snare Agents

Snare Agents examine all IT events at their source. Their role being to isolate all security events that you have defined to be of possible relevance, interest or real concern. Significantly, Snare Agents can be used in conjunction with a diverse range of SIEM servers including that designed by Snare itself.