eMite Signs Partnership Agreement with Interactive Intelligence

Company Announcement 17th May, 2016

As forecast in a previous announcement, Prophecy International Holdings Ltd (PRO) subsidiary eMite has completed an agreement with Interactive Intelligence Group Inc (ININ) to join its Global Alliance Partner program and to integrate with ININ’s CIC and PureCloud Solutions. Interactive Intelligence (NASDAQ:ININ), is a leader in contact centre software with over 6000 customers worldwide. Their software is designed for customer engagement, communication and collaboration to help business worldwide to improve service, increase productivity and reduce costs.
eMite has integrated its real time data collection framework and dashboard presentation layer with both ININ Solutions, and has already begun shipping the new product set to ININ customers. eMite’s participation in the Global Alliance Partner Program is expected to increase the value of both solutions, providing key management reporting and dashboarding to enhance the information flow for current and future ININ customers.
When critical Contact Centre metrics are made available in real-time, it significantly improves an organisation’s ability to respond immediately, avoiding the next day and end of month post mortem. eMite provides contact centre customers with a market leading business intelligence, analytics and full reporting solution. The eMite solution empowers all levels within the organisation, including agents, managers and executives. It is powerful enough for business analysts and yet simple enough for front-line users.

“eMite has joined ININ, a worldwide market leader of call centre software, as part of promoting the global expansion of our Business Value Dashboard offering,” said Stuart Geros, CEO, eMite. “eMite simplifies the complex and time consuming process of report management for IT operations and helps to reduce operating costs. Working in combination with proven ININ software that has been deployed to users throughout the world, I am confident in our ability to enhance the value of ININ products even further, by creating greater visualization of key contact centre data.”

As a new global Technology Alliance Partner, eMite has received access to ININ tools, so that eMite can further develop and deliver world class Contact Centre reporting to shared customers. Going forward, eMite aims to capitalize on its partnership with ININ by sharing its product roadmap, creating new levels of customer value, and reinforcing eMite’s commitment to world class Business Value Dashboard reporting.

Joint marketing activities are planned to take the eMite add-on solution to 6000 existing ININ customers worldwide and to include the eMite product in new sales activities. eMite will be attending the ININ worldwide customer conference in Indianapolis in early June to be able to demonstrate their unique solution’s capabilities and value add to customers, partners and ININ executives.

eMite has the additional capability of being able to correlate multiple data sources into a single dashboard, providing key management with specific KPI’s that are crucial to their business needs. The aim is for eMite to be able to provide real time management reporting over all data sources within an organisation and not just the contact centre data source. This will provide additional growth for the eMite product set beyond the new niche market made available by the integration with ININ software.

Based on its Management Plan for growth, the ININ business partnership is the first of several key relationships that the eMite team are currently working on. eMite has aims to develop strong relationships with leading global software vendors to provide key management dashboards over the top a wide range of solutions, to provide much greater value for customers utilising leading incumbent software.

This implementation of eMite dashboards over popular and core software sets has the ability to generate a much larger number of eMite licence sales compared to offering eMite as a stand alone solution